Deep-sea species

Sea Harvest, the parent company of Selecta Sea Products, is active in the South African deep-sea and inshore trawl fisheries. Trawling is an unselective method of fishing and, although hake and sole are the targets of these fisheries, a number of other species are regularly caught in trawl nets. These species are retained, processed and marketed:

  • Kingklip and monk are high value species that are generally exported
  • Horse mackerel, mackerel, panga, snoek, buttersnoek, angel fish, jacopever and John Dory. These species are a good source of affordable animal protein for lower income groups, particularly in the Western Cape.

In recent years, the management of deep-sea species has improved. For example, catch limits have been set for kingklip and monk and a three-year partnership between the fishing industry and WWF-South Africa is being implemented with the goal of better understanding the status of 12 deep-sea species, and improving their management.