Our employees

Approximately 190 South Africans are employed at the Selecta Sea Products fish processing plant in Philippi.
Here are a few of their stories.

Valda Jumat

Senior Production Supervisor

Valda Jumat, 42, began her career with Selecta Sea Products in 2000 when she was employed as a General Worker. Through hard work and and dedication, Valda has progressed in her career and she currently works as Senior Production Supervisor at the Selecta factory.

Valda recently had an opportunity to participate in a one-month training course on processing and trade of aquatic products for developing countries. The course was presented at the Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College in the eastern Chinese port city of Qingdao. Valda describes her experience in China as “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Valda would like to see Selecta Sea Products grow and develop to become the leading processor in the South African fishing industry.

“I still want to grow with the company and I always want to be part of, or contributing, to its success,” she says.

Xolani Phaya

Head of Quality Assurance

Xolani Phaya’s career at Selecta Sea Products began in 2015 when he attended a Generic Management learnership at the factory. It was during his experiential training, when he was working as a quality controller (QC) on the fish processing lines, that Xolani’s managers realised he was newly graduated with an Honours degree in Environmental and Water Science from the University of the Western Cape. Xolani’s university qualification was a perfect fit for Viking Fishing and as soon as he completed his learnership, he was employed on a full-time basis as a QC.

Today Xolani is head of Quality Assurance at Selecta Sea Products.

Xolani is excited about the fact that Viking Fishing, the parent company of Selecta Sea Products, is a diversified fishing company with growing interests in aquaculture.

“I hope I will continue to grow into a strategic business position within the Viking Fishing Group,” he says.

Lwandokazi Mrali

Assistant Supervisor

Lwando, as she is known by her colleagues, continues to take advantage of the opportunities on offer at Selecta Sea Products. The 29-year-old Assistant Supervisor, began working at Selecta when she attended a Fish Processing learnership at the factory. A year later she attended a Generic Management learnership. Today, she is working closely with Valda Jumat, Senior Production Supervisor, learning everything she can about the management of a large fish processing plant like Selecta.

Lwando says she has progressed in her career because she is serious about her work. She also attributes her success to her curiosity: “when I started working here I wanted to know everything!” she says with a smile.

“At Selecta, there are so many opportunities to develop your career, the management is willing to help you with everything you need, especially education.”

Owen Engel

Receiving Supervisor

In six years, Owen Engel has progressed from the position of General Worker to Receiving Supervisor, responsible for the fresh fish that is delivered to the Selecta Sea Products plant for processing.

He joined Selecta as a learner in 2011 and at the time he had no idea what his future would hold.

“I was a General Worker and I would clean up after everyone,” says Owen, who credits the progress he has made to his “passion, obedience, dedication and determination to succeed with every challenge put in my path.”

To Owen, working at Selecta Sea Products means much more than making a living:

“Selecta hasn’t just given me a job, he says, “this place has given me close friends and family that I spend everyday with. But, I have to give the credit to my employer for noticing my potential and utilising it and guiding me to become all I can be. That’s what I have grown into with this company,” he says.

In 2017, Owen attended a one-month course in aquaculture at the Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College in the eastern Chinese port city of Qingdao. His trip to China was sponsored by the Government of China and facilitated by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Selecta.