About Selecta

Our employees

Approximately 190 South Africans are employed at the Selecta Sea Products fish processing plant in Philippi. About 73% of employees are women. Why is that? The short answer is that women’s small, strong hands and natural tendency to work neatly and precisely are attributes very well suited to the filleting, trimming and packing of fish.

Employees receive competitive remuneration packages that include a number of benefits such as pension, provident fund and medical aid benefits.

Over 2000 tons of finished product produced every year

Selecta Sea Products is a wholesale supplier and produces seafood products in bulk for the local and international market. The company’s sophisticated production management system ensures that each product is fully traceable, from trawler to customer.

Selecta Sea Products is well known for its ability to process products according to customer specifications.

R1 million annual training spend

Between 2014 and 2017, 160 young South Africans participated in learnerships conducted at the Selecta Sea Products factory and other training venues. The learnerships were presented by Selecta in partnership with the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA):

  • Fish Processing learnership − 60 learners
  • Generic Management learnership − 60 learners
  • Environmental Management learnership − 20 learners
  • New Venture Creation learnership − 20 learners

Each learnership is recognised by the National Qualifications Framework and learners who meet the requirements of each course graduate with a certificate that is recognised both nationally and internationally. Learnerships consist of a theoretical and practical component and learners earn a stipend while they train. Many of the permanent employees at Selecta Sea Products began their careers with a Fish Processing learnership.

10 employees with 17 years of service

The workforce at Selecta Sea Products is largely drawn from the surrounding community of Philippi and the working environment is often compared to that of a family.

Selecta is proud of the fact that 10 employees have been with the company since it first opened; many others have accumulated long years of service.