Selecta Sea Products

Selecta Sea Products is a leading processor of wild-caught, MSC-certified South African hake and other deep-sea fishes.

The company is located in an expansive HACCP-approved processing facility within the City of Cape Town. Selecta Sea Products employs approximately 200 South Africans who are trained and experienced in the handling, processing and packaging of South African hake and associated species. In fact, one of the things that sets Selecta apart from its competitors is the fact that its products are produced almost exclusively by hand: from the scaling, filleting, trimming and folding of hake fillets, to their careful packaging and chilling.

Selecta Sea Products is a wholesale supplier and produces seafood products in bulk for the local and international food service industry. The company’s sophisticated production management system ensures that each product is fully traceable, from trawler to customer.

Selecta Sea Products is well known for its ability to process products according to customer specifications.

Selecta Sea Products is a proud member of the Viking Fishing Group.

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Two species of hake occur in South Africa: the shallow-water Cape hake Merluccius capensis and the deep-water hake Merluccius paradoxus.
Marine Stewardship Council

The South African trawl fishery for hake was certified as “sustainable and well managed” by the Marine Stewardship Council in 2004 and has been re-certified on an annual basis ever since. This means that customers who buy products made from South African hake are assured that their purchase is not causing harm to the environment.

More information about South African hake and the South African hake fishery is available here.

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